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Butterfly taxonomy (classification) The skippers The swallowtails The whites The hairstreaks, coppers and blues. Includes the Duke of Burgundy. The nymphalids, fritillaries and browns. Includes the Monarch.
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Species List
Scarce Swallowtail
Small Apollo
Southern Festoon
Spanish Festoon
Tiger Swallowtail

Chequered Skipper
Dingy Skipper
Essex Skipper
Fiery Skipper
Grizzled Skipper
Large Chequered Skipper
Large Skipper
Lulworth Skipper
Mallow Skipper
Oberthür's Grizzled Skipper
Shy Saliana
Silver-spotted Skipper
Small Skipper

Bath White
Berger's Clouded Yellow
Black-veined White
Clouded Yellow
Cryptic Wood White
Dappled White
Green-veined White
Large White
Moorland Clouded Yellow
Pale Clouded Yellow
Real's Wood White
Small White
Wood White

Albin's Hampstead Eye
Almond-eyed Ringlet
American Painted Lady
Arran Brown
Blue Pansy
Camberwell Beauty
Cassia's Owl-butterfly
Dark Green Fritillary
False Grayling
Glanville Fritillary
Great Spangled Fritillary
Heath Fritillary
High Brown Fritillary
Illioneus Giant Owl
Indian Red Admiral
Large Heath
Large Tortoiseshell
Large Wall
Lesser Purple Emperor
Marbled White
Marsh Fritillary
Meadow Brown
Mountain Ringlet
Niobe Fritillary
Painted Lady
Pearl-bordered Fritillary
Purple Emperor
Queen of Spain Fritillary
Red Admiral
Scarce Tortoiseshell
Scotch Argus
Silver-washed Fritillary
Small Brown Shoemaker
Small Heath
Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary
Small Tortoiseshell
Speckled Wood
Spotted Fritillary
Tamarindi Owlet
Weaver's Fritillary
White Admiral
Woodland Grayling

Duke of Burgundy

Adonis Blue
Black Hairstreak
Blue Spot Hairstreak
Brown Argus
Brown Hairstreak
Chalk Hill Blue
Common Blue
Geranium Bronze
Gray Hairstreak
Green Hairstreak
Green-underside Blue
Holly Blue
Ilex Hairstreak
Lang's Short-tailed Blue
Large Blue
Large Copper
Long-tailed Blue
Mazarine Blue
Northern Brown Argus
Purple Hairstreak
Purple-edged Copper
Purple-shot Copper
Scarce Copper
Short-tailed Blue
Silver-studded Blue
Slate Flash
Small Blue
Small Copper
Sooty Copper
Turquoise Blue
White-letter Hairstreak

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Flying This Week!
Adonis Blue
Brown Argus
Brown Hairstreak
Chalk Hill Blue
Clouded Yellow
Common Blue
Dark Green Fritillary
Green-veined White
Holly Blue
Large Tortoiseshell
Large White
Lulworth Skipper
Meadow Brown
Painted Lady
Purple Hairstreak
Red Admiral
Scotch Argus
Silver-spotted Skipper
Small Copper
Small Heath
Small Tortoiseshell
Small White
Speckled Wood
Welcome to UK Butterflies!

The UK Butterflies website provides information on all of the butterfly species found in the British Isles, including those that are extinct or migrants. This website is open to anyone wishing to contribute - click here to find out how you can help! Finally, the many website features can be accessed using the drop-down menus found at the top of each page.

"www.ukbutterflies.co.uk is the essential and most comprehensive website on British butterflies. Its inspiring pages provide beautiful images, news and information about butterflies for everyone who is interested in them." - Jeremy Thomas and Richard Lewington, The Butterflies of Britain and Ireland.
New Article! Egg-laying Preferences of the Small Copper 09-Aug-15
This new article by William Langdon summarises a study into the egg-laying habits of the Small Copper (Lycaena phlaeas) on Common and Sheep's Sorrel in the author's garden in west Somerset. A survey of egg-laying was used to test the hypothesis that female Small Coppers would prefer to oviposit on shorter Sorrels that were regenerating after grazing, in the hope that the project's findings would enable the author to provide more of such Sorrels (thereby encouraging further breeding in my garden) and potentially inform habitat management for this species on a broader scale.
New Article! A History of the Large Blue in Somerset 03-Jul-15
This new article by Peter Andrews details historical records and specimens from Somerset of the extinct Large Blue Maculinea arion subspecies eutyphron (Fruhstorfer, 1915). There is also an account of I.R.P. Heslop's mid 20th century discoveries of M. arion in Somerset at previously unrecorded localities.
A Review of Pocket Guide to the Butterflies of Great Britain and Ireland 14-Jun-15
From the publisher: This handy pocket-sized book has become the essential guide to identifying the butterflies of Great Britain and Ireland. It contains over 600 superb illustrations of the life stages of each species, together with beautiful artworks of butterflies in their natural settings and pertinent species information, distribution maps and life history charts. A selection of day-flying moths is also included for comparison. Presented in an accessible, easy-to-use field-guide format, this is an ideal guide for beginners, as well as for more experienced butterfly enthusiasts. This second edition has been fully revised and features a new, illustrated 'at-a-glance' identification guide to species within families, updated distribution maps and species accounts, as well as new spreads and artwork for the Cryptic Wood White and Scarce Tortoiseshell. Click here to read the review.
Notes and Views, Issue 3 - January to April 2015 19-May-15
A new issue of Notes and Views provides a summary of interesting items posted on UK Butterflies and other media between 1st January and 30th April 2015.
A Review of Butterflies of the World 18-May-15
From the publisher: A lavishly illustrated book covering the butterflies of the world, with informative text written by an expert author who has spent many years watching and studying lepidoptera around the world. Opening chapters cover the evolution, anatomy, lifecycle, ecology and taxonomy of the world's butterflies. The bulk of the book comprises chapters offering comprehensive coverage of each of the world's butterfly families, from the spectacular swallowtails, apollos, morphos and birdwings through to the cryptic browns, whites, skippers and hairstreaks. The pages are illustrated with hundreds of stunning colour photographs showing more than 350 images taken, mainly by the author, from locations around the world. Click here to read the review, by Guy Padfield.
New Article! The Butterfly Collection of the Bree Family 27-Apr-15
This new article by Mike Mead-Briggs describes the rediscovery of a small but historically-interesting collection of butterflies assembled by members of the Bree family, from Allesley in Warwickshire. Both the Rev. William Thomas Bree and his son, the Rev. William Bree, are cited in numerous 19th century books as being knowledgeable observers of butterflies. A wonderful read containing a wealth of information to be found nowhere else.
New Article! A History of the Large Copper and Scarce Copper in Somerset 03-Apr-15
It has been over twenty years since the late Roger Sutton published information regarding the specimens of the British Large Copper and Scarce Copper in the Taunton Museum collections. This article reevaluates these historic specimens, which are now held at the Somerset Heritage Centre in Taunton. Further information is also provided on the Somerset collectors that are thought to have encountered both of those Lycaena species on the Somerset Levels. The paper also mentions the further discovery of early specimens of Large and Scarce Coppers that may have originated in Somerset.
A Review of Britain's Butterflies (3rd edition) 16-Mar-15
From the publisher: Britain's Butterflies is a comprehensive and beautifully designed photographic field guide to the butterflies of Britain and Ireland. Containing hundreds of stunning colour photographs, this revised and updated edition provides the latest information on every species ever recorded. It covers in detail the identification of all 59 butterfly species that breed regularly, as well as four former breeders, 10 rare migrants and one species of unknown status. The easy-to-use format will enable butterfly-watchers - beginners or experts - €”to identify any species they encounter. Click here to read the review.
New Article! The Demise of the Mazarine Blue in Great Britain 06-Mar-15
This article explores various causes for the extinction of the Mazarine Blue (Cyaniris semiargus) in Great Britain. It differs from past articles by elaborating upon changes in distribution and flight period (illustrated appropriately) in order to provide a clearer understanding into the possible reasons behind, and pace of, the butterfly'™s demise.
A Review of African Queens and their Kin - A Darwinian Odyssey 24-Feb-15
From the publisher: This book is an amazing compilation of a life's work representing over 40 years of study. Using a model species, the African Queen, Danaus chrysippus, the author takes us on a fascinating tour of the life history, ecology, genetics, behaviour, including mimicry, migration patterns and phylogeography of this important butterfly species complex and its closely related species and forms. It is very much a tour in space - Africa and other tropical countries of the world, as well as North America and Australia - as well as in time, unravelling the evolution of this butterfly in its African home and its slow spread around the globe, time enough for substantial genetic changes to have occurred. Click here to read the review.
New Article! Climate Change and the Large White 23-Feb-15
An observation of an 'extra brood', resulting in larvae of Large White very late in the year, suggests that, just as asynchrony between plants and butterflies may prove challenging to the butterflies' survival, asynchrony with the autecology of their parasitoids can assist survival. If further studies confirm this finding, it would explain the value of a genetic component giving a predilection towards attempting additional broods despite the potential pitfalls as essential environmental resources dwindle. More can be found in this new article by Nick Bowles.
A Review of Seeing Butterflies 19-Feb-15
From the publisher: See living butterflies and moths with new eyes through Philip Howse's fascinating text and superb imagery. Understand the reasons for the enchanting colours and designs on their wings, and their varied and intriguing survival strategies of behaviour, mimicry, and camouflage. This new way of looking at these beautiful and iconic insects and the superb images will inform and inspire nature-lovers, photographers, artists and scientists. Click here to read the review.
UK Butterflies Donation 05-Feb-15
UK Butterflies is pleased to announce a donation of £1525 to Butterfly Conservation. The donation comes from sales of calendars, cards and photos - once again organised by Gary and Lisa Richardson.
A Review of Papilio 01-Feb-15
Papilio is the most recent work from Jason Sargerson. Its 36 pages cover 22 selected sites in Europe and the USA that the author has visited. Approximately 80 European species and 20 US species are mentioned within the text and photos of both the sites and a selection of the species found there are included. Click here to read the review.
New Article! Glanville Fritillary at Sand Point 28-Jan-15
This article, by Matthew Oates, examines the nature conservation lessons learnt from unofficial attempts made over a thirty year period to establish the Glanville Fritillary, Melitaea cinxia, at Sand Point, a small limestone promontory on the north Somerset coast. The two populations were crudely monitored and details of habitat conditions, food plant availability and management events were recorded. Some conclusions can be derived, which may assist our understanding of the ecological requirements of this rare butterfly.
Notes and Views, Issue 2 - October to December 2014 05-Jan-15
A new issue of Notes and Views provides a summary of interesting items posted on UK Butterflies and other media between 1st October and 31st December 2014.
Entomological Collections - Their Historic Importance and Relevance in the 21st Century 28-Dec-14
This article provides information on the relevance of entomological collections and collecting. It also reviews recent literature and provides the reader with a perspective on the reasoning behind the responsible collecting of specimens and the formation of a collection, and provides examples of the use of such specimens.
2014 Annual Photography Competition 04-Dec-14
Congratulations to John Bogle, Neil Hulme and Nigel Kiteley - 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the annual 2014 UK Butterflies Annual Photography Competition! With a stunning photo of a Marbled White, John wins a copy of The Video Guide to the Butterflies of Britain and Ireland (DVD) which has been kindly donated by NatureGuides. Click here to see all of the winning entries.
Eastern Region Purple Emperor report for 2014 01-Dec-14
This new article, by Liz Goodyear and Andrew Middleton, updates their previous reports: The Hertfordshire Purple Emperor, the Purple Emperor Project Progress Report for 2003 and the Purple Emperor Project Progress Report for 2004 and 2005. These reports all relate to the Eastern Region that covers Hertfordshire, Middlesex (Vice-County 21), Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire. This report provides a 2013-14 update and also contains historic information that adds to past reports.
New Article! An Introduction to Captive Rearing 27-Nov-14
This article provides a personal view of captive rearing butterflies and moths. Its main objective is to enlighten readers in all aspects of captive rearing so that they develop an informed opinion and are also better-equipped should they attempt captive rearing themselves and thereby avoid the many potential pitfalls.
Updated Article! Irish Mountain Ringlet 24-Nov-14
The presence of the Mountain Ringlet (Erebia epiphron) in Ireland has been a topic of much interest to Lepidopterists for decades, partly because of the small number of specimens that are reputedly Irish. The Irish Mountain Ringlet is truly the stuff of legend! This updated article summarises relevant literature and now includes photos of all four reputedly-Irish specimens.
New Perspectives on the Mazarine Blue 19-Nov-14
This new article, by Peter Andrews, provides a brief historical account of the Mazarine Blue (Cyaniris semiargus) in the British Isles and, in doing so, makes observations that have either not been previously documented or have not been appropriately emphasised, with regard to the habitat, distribution, flight times and extinction of this species.
Britain's Habitats - a Review 08-Nov-14
From the publisher: From the publisher: A lavishly illustrated, photographic, guide to our habitats and provides a comprehensive overview of the natural history and conservation landscape of Britain and Ireland. It leads the reader through all the main habitat types, with information on their characteristics, extent, geographical variation, key species, cultural importance, origins and conservation. Click here to read the review.
Notes and Views - a Retrospective 05-Nov-14
This edition of Notes and Views provides a retrospective of interesting items posted on UK Butterflies and other media before 1st October 2014. Click here to read this edition.
UK Butterflies Annual Photography Competition 10-Oct-14
The UK Butterflies 2014 Annual Photography Competition is now open for entries! In keeping with the online nature of the UK Butterflies website, the competition itself will be conducted entirely over the web. The competition closes on November 30th and the winning photos will be announced in early December. The overall winner will receive a copy of The Video Guide to the Butterflies of Britain and Ireland (DVD) which has been kindly donated by NatureGuides. Click here for information on how to enter.
A Comprehensive Guide to Insects of Britain & Ireland - a Review 10-Oct-14
From the publisher: A comprehensive guide by Paul D. Brock, Scientific Associate of the Natural History Museum, London, and author of the acclaimed 'Photographic Guide to Insects of the New Forest' is the most complete guide to insects of Britain and Ireland ever produced with over 2700 full colour photographs and fully comprehensive sections on all insect groups, including flies, bees and wasps. Click here to read the review.
2014 Outstanding Contribution Award 04-Oct-14
The second of two Outstanding Contribution Awards for 2014 has been awarded to Vince Massimo, a long-serving member of the UK Butterflies core team. Vince has been instrumental in helping build the community aspects of UK Butterflies and actively engages with the membership by selecting images to be used on the various species pages. Given the level of contribution by UKB members, this is no small task. Vince is also known for his superb studies of the early stages of species that are local to him. This was recognised by several individuals as Vince received his award, when Vince was presented with a signed Richard Lewington print of his favourite butterfly: the Orange-tip.
New Articles! 01-Oct-14
With the launch of our sister website, dispar, comes 3 new articles. They are a A Tale of Six Grayling by Peter Eeles, Speckled Wood (Early Stages) by Vince Massimo and Long-tailed Blue in Sussex - A Brief History by Mark Colvin. Remember that contributions can be made by anyone with an interest in Lepidoptera, so please head over to dispar and put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard)!
New Site! Dispar launched today! 01-Oct-14
Today sees one of the most exciting events in the history of the UK Butterflies website, as we launch a companion website, dispar, at www.dispar.org. With an ever-growing membership contributing a large number of posts on the UK Butterflies forums, the time has come for a new vehicle to be put in place that will allow significant contributions to be extracted and shared more widely. This includes formal cataloging of articles so that they may be located by anyone looking to research a particular aspect of Lepidoptera.
2014 Outstanding Contribution Award 19-Sep-14
The first of two Outstanding Contribution Awards for 2014 has been awarded to the Oxford University Museum of Natural History. This is in recognition of the incredible amount of support and encouragement that the Hope Department of Entomology and Library, in particular, have provided to UK Butterflies over recent years. This is the first time that the award has been given to an organisation, rather than an individual, and is in special recognition of the role that the museum has played in helping bring the UK Butterflies website to a whole new level.

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