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Shy Saliana (ovipositing female) - Osa Penisnula, Costa Rica 29-March-2011 [Rudy Dodero]

Photo © Rudy Dodero
Shy Saliana

Saliana longirostris
Number: 57.0081
Family:Hesperiidae (Latreille, 1809)
Subfamily:Hesperiinae (Latreille, 1809)
Genus:Saliana (Evans, 1955)
Species:longirostris (Sepp, 1840)
2. Adventive
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A single adult of this South American species was found in Stepney, London in 1937 among banana crates that had arrived from Brazil.

Saliana longirostris

This species was first defined in Sepp (1840) (type locality: Surinam).

Male Underside
Shy Saliana (ovipositing female) - Osa Penisnula, Costa Rica 29-March-2011 [Rudy Dodero]
Female Underside
Photo © Rudy Dodero

Conservation Status

No conservation action is relevant for this species.


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This species is considered an adventive, which is a species which arrives in the British Isles with the direct assistance of an external vector, without which it would not be present. Adventives are species that one would not expect to find in this country, either through inadvertent migration or through any other natural means of dispersal, with the exception perhaps of the most extreme meteorological event or possibly the transportation of a stage in the life cycle in a highly unlikely but natural means (e.g. an ovum or larva being transported upon the foot, bill, or plumage of a migratory bird).

Life Cycle

Description to be completed


Description to be completed.

Description of nectar sources to be completed

Shy Saliana (ovipositing female) - Osa Penisnula, Costa Rica 29-March-2011 [Rudy Dodero]
Photo © Rudy Dodero


Description to be completed.


Description to be completed.

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Description to be completed.


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The species description provided here references the following publications:

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