Species Phenologies

This page contains a summary of the phenology of each of the primary species:

Some additional notes:

1. Adonis Blue

2. Black Hairstreak

3. Brimstone

Gonepteryx rhamni ssp. rhamni

Gonepteryx rhamni ssp. gravesi

4. Brown Argus

5. Brown Hairstreak

6. Chalk Hill Blue

7. Chequered Skipper

8. Clouded Yellow

Colias croceus ssp. croceus f. croceus

9. Comma

Polygonia c-album ssp. c-album f. c-album

10. Common Blue

Polyommatus icarus ssp. icarus

Polyommatus icarus ssp. mariscolore

11. Cryptic Wood White

12. Dark Green Fritillary

13. Dingy Skipper

Erynnis tages ssp. tages

Erynnis tages ssp. baynesi

14. Duke of Burgundy

15. Essex Skipper

16. Gatekeeper

17. Glanville Fritillary

18. Grayling

Hipparchia semele ssp. semele

Hipparchia semele ssp. scota

Hipparchia semele ssp. thyone

Hipparchia semele ssp. atlantica

Hipparchia semele ssp. clarensis

Hipparchia semele ssp. hibernica

19. Green Hairstreak

20. Green-veined White

Pieris napi ssp. sabellicae

Pieris napi ssp. britannica

Pieris napi ssp. thomsoni

21. Grizzled Skipper

22. Heath Fritillary

23. High Brown Fritillary

24. Holly Blue

25. Large Blue

Maculinea arion ssp. arion

26. Large Heath

Coenonympha tullia ssp. davus

Coenonympha tullia ssp. polydama

Coenonympha tullia ssp. scotica

27. Large Skipper

28. Large Tortoiseshell

29. Large White

30. Lulworth Skipper

31. Marbled White

32. Marsh Fritillary

33. Meadow Brown

Maniola jurtina ssp. splendida

Maniola jurtina ssp. cassiteridum

Maniola jurtina ssp. iernes

Maniola jurtina ssp. insularis

34. Mountain Ringlet

Erebia epiphron ssp. mnemon

Erebia epiphron ssp. scotica

35. Northern Brown Argus

Aricia artaxerxes ssp. artaxerxes

Aricia artaxerxes ssp. salmacis

36. Orange-tip

Anthocharis cardamines ssp. britannica

Anthocharis cardamines ssp. hibernica

37. Painted Lady

38. Peacock

39. Pearl-bordered Fritillary

40. Purple Emperor

41. Purple Hairstreak

42. Red Admiral

43. Ringlet

44. Scotch Argus

Erebia aethiops ssp. aethiops

Erebia aethiops ssp. caledonia

45. Silver-spotted Skipper

46. Silver-studded Blue

Plebejus argus ssp. argus

Plebejus argus ssp. caernensis

47. Silver-washed Fritillary

Argynnis paphia ssp. paphia f. paphia

48. Small Blue

49. Small Copper

Lycaena phlaeas ssp. eleus

Lycaena phlaeas ssp. hibernica

50. Small Heath

Coenonympha pamphilus ssp. pamphilus

Coenonympha pamphilus ssp. rhoumensis

51. Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary

52. Small Skipper

53. Small Tortoiseshell

54. Small White

55. Speckled Wood

Pararge aegeria ssp. tircis

Pararge aegeria ssp. oblita

Pararge aegeria ssp. insula

56. Swallowtail

Papilio machaon ssp. britannicus

57. Wall

58. White Admiral

59. White-letter Hairstreak

60. Wood White