Sites for National Grid Square: TA

The map below shows sites for this grid square, each represented by a pin that, when clicked, will show the species at that site. The Grid References provided in the table below the map can be used on Ordnance Survey maps, or on a website such as This is currently more accurate than the Google Map rendering you see below (which is up to 200 metres out).

The Grid Square represented by this map is often divided into squares of 10 kilometres each, numbered 0 to 9 from the south west corner, in both an easterly and northerly direction. This allows a Grid Reference such as SU32 to be specified (where SU is the National Grid Square, 3 is the easting and 2 the northing). Further division gives a more detailed reference, such as SU317201 (where SU is the National Grid Square, 317 is the easting and 201 is the northing).


Distribution data (2000-2009) has been made available through the generosity of Butterfly Conservation. Any subspecies distribution is taken from the book British and Irish Butterflies, by Adrian Riley. Based on this data, the following species and subspecies may be found in this grid square:

Species selection:

In the table below, the icon links to a Google search based on the site name, and the and icons (where present) link, respectively, to Google Maps and Streetmap representations of the grid reference.

Site Name Grid Reference Species Subtaxon
Burton Bushes TA013396 Purple Hairstreak
Spurn Peninsula TA41601550 Brown Argus
Green Hairstreak
Tophill Low TA07334856 Brimstone ssp. rhamni
Brown Argus
Common Blue ssp. icarus
Green-veined White ssp. sabellicae
Meadow Brown ssp. insularis
Painted Lady
Red Admiral
Small Copper ssp. eleus
Small Tortoiseshell
Small White
Speckled Wood ssp. tircis
Weelsby Woods TA28600750 White-letter Hairstreak