Sites for Irish National Grid Square: D

The sites that fall within the Irish National Grid Square indicated by this map are listed below.

The Grid Square represented by this map is divided into squares of 10 kilometres each, numbered 0 to 9 from the south west corner, in both an easterly and northerly direction. This allows us to specify a Grid Reference such as N32 (where N is the Irish National Grid Square, 3 is the easting and 2 the northing). Further division gives a more detailed reference, such as N317201 (where N is the Irish National Grid Square, 317 is the easting and 201 is the northing).


Distribution data (2000-2009) has been made available through the generosity of Butterfly Conservation. Any subspecies distribution is taken from the book British and Irish Butterflies, by Adrian Riley. Based on this data, the following species and subspecies may be found in this grid square:

Species selection:

In the table below, the icon links to a Google search based on the site name, and the and icons (where present) link, respectively, to Google Maps and Streetmap representations of the grid reference.

Site Name Grid Reference Species Subtaxon
Feystown D315105 Silver-washed Fritillary
Glenarm D304111 Common Blue ssp. mariscolore
Cryptic Wood White
Green-veined White ssp. britannica
Large White
Meadow Brown ssp. iernes
Orange-tip ssp. hibernica
Silver-washed Fritillary
Small Copper ssp. hibernica
Small Tortoiseshell
Small White
Speckled Wood ssp. tircis
Glenarm Forest D304111 Silver-washed Fritillary