Lulworth Skipper Aberrations

Due to the sheer number of named aberrations for some species, not all are shown on the species pages - only those for which corresponding images are available. This page, however, provides access to all of the named aberrations for a given species, where known and Goodson & Read (1969) is a key resource in this regard.



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ab. alba (Bolton.Entom.1951.84.p.63.)

Female. On the upperside both fore and hindwings have a black ground colour instead of the normal golden-olive, the basal halves have a thin coating of pale straw-coloured scales. The crescentic band of linear markings on the forewings is pure white, the fringes greyish-yellow, the overall effect being black and white. Underside pale yellow except for the cream-coloured band.

ab. clara (Tutt.Brit.Lep.1906.8.p.119.)

More golden-brown than the fuscous type form, the pale markings blending more markedly with the ground colour. Raised by Verity to the rank of subspecies in Farf.Diurn.It.1943.

ab. distincta (Tutt.Brit.Lep.1906.8.p.119.)

With distinct pale markings on the hindwings as well as on the forewings. The type has them only on the forewings.

ab. extensa (Tutt.Brit.Lep.1906.8.p.119.)

The angulated row of pale spots on the forewings unites with the discoidal spot making a blotch, which occupies the greater part of the costal area from the angulated row almost to the base.

ab. obsolete (Tutt.Brit.Lep.1906.8.p.119.)

With the usual pale markings absent on the forewings and the hindwings typical, with no markings.

ab. pallida (Frohawk.Vars.Brit.Butts.1938.p.196.)

All wings pale straw.

ab. pallidepincta (Lempke.Tijdschr.Ent.1953.96.p.257.)

Female. The spots on the upperside pale yellow to yellowish-white.

ab. virescens (Tutt.Brit.Lep,1906.8.p.118.)

Extreme British males are very dark and tinged with green. Verity raises this to subspecific rank in his Farf.Diurn.It. but it certainly is not constant in Britain, the name is therefore left in these British aberrations as occurring occasionally in this class.