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Butterfly taxonomy (classification) The skippers The swallowtails The whites The hairstreaks, coppers and blues. Includes the Duke of Burgundy. The nymphalids, fritillaries and browns. Includes the Monarch.

Species Listing

This page contains a listing of all primary species found in the UK (click here to also see secondary species). The species are organised by the family to which they belong.

Family: Papilionidae

Swallowtail - pupa - Thatcham - 04-Oct-04 (2) [REARED]
Papilio machaon
Photo © Pete Eeles

Family: Hesperiidae

Dingy Skipper - pupa - Thatcham - 23-Apr-14 [REARED]-6
Dingy Skipper
Erynnis tages
Photo © Pete Eeles
Grizzled Skipper - pupa - Thatcham - 22-Sep-11 (3) {REARED}
Grizzled Skipper
Pyrgus malvae
Photo © Pete Eeles
Large Chequered Skipper
Heteropterus morpheus
Chequered Skipper
Carterocephalus palaemon
Essex Skipper
Thymelicus lineola
DSCN9556#001 [Ben Smart]
Small Skipper
Thymelicus sylvestris
Photo © Ben Smart
Lulworth Skipper
Thymelicus acteon
Silver-spotted Skipper - pupa - Thatcham - 04-Aug-13 (2) [REARED]
Silver-spotted Skipper
Hesperia comma
Photo © Pete Eeles
Large Skipper - pupa - Unknown location - Uknown date [Ben Smart]
Large Skipper
Ochlodes sylvanus
Photo © Ben Smart

Family: Pieridae

Wood White - pupa - Thatcham - 01-Mar-14 {REARED}
Wood White
Leptidea sinapis
Photo © Pete Eeles
Cryptic Wood White - pupa - Thatcham - 19-Jul-14 [REARED}
Cryptic Wood White
Leptidea juvernica
Photo © Pete Eeles
Orange-tip pupa - Caterham, Surrey 17-Sept-2013
Anthocharis cardamines
Photo © Vince Massimo
Black-Veined White - pupa - Gola del Infernaccio, Monti Sibillini, Italy - 16-Jun-08 (2)
Black-veined White
Aporia crataegi
Photo © Pete Eeles
Large White Pupa (Grey-Green form) - Caterham, Surrey 19-Sept-11
Large White
Pieris brassicae
Photo © Vince Massimo
Small White Pupa (Brown Form) - Caterham, Surrey (Reared) 24-Aug-10
Small White
Pieris rapae
Photo © Vince Massimo
Green Veined White Pupa (Reared - 2 Days Before Hatching) - Caterham, Surrey 4-July-10
Green-veined White
Pieris napi
Photo © Vince Massimo
Bath White - pupa - Thatcham - 17-May-14 [REARED]-2
Bath White
Pontia daplidice
Photo © Pete Eeles
Clouded Yellow - pupa - Thatcham - 06-Nov-07 (1) {REARED}
Clouded Yellow
Colias croceus
Photo © Pete Eeles
Pale Clouded Yellow - pupa - Thatcham - 03-Nov-09 (1) {REARED}
Pale Clouded Yellow
Colias hyale
Photo © Pete Eeles
Berger's Clouded Yellow pupa. Bred ex Eger, Hungary Jun 2001
Berger's Clouded Yellow
Colias alfacariensis
Photo © Mikhail
Brimstone - pupa - Thatcham - 16-Jul-13 (1) [REARED]
Gonepteryx rhamni
Photo © Pete Eeles

Family: Nymphalidae

Monarch - pupa - Thatcham - 23-Jul-14 [REARED]
Danaus plexippus
Photo © Pete Eeles
Wall Brown pupa. 12/4/2014. Seaford. East Sussex.
Lasiommata megera
Photo © badgerbob
Speckled Wood pupa - Crawley, Sussex 14-Sept-2014
Speckled Wood
Pararge aegeria
Photo © Vince Massimo
Large Heath - pupa - Thatcham - 29-Jun-13 (1) [REARED]
Large Heath
Coenonympha tullia
Photo © Pete Eeles
Small Heath
Coenonympha pamphilus
Mountain Ringlet
Erebia epiphron
Scotch Argus - pupa - Thatcham - 13-Aug-12 (1) [REARED]
Scotch Argus
Erebia aethiops
Photo © Pete Eeles
Ringlet - pupa - Thatcham - 06-Jun-05 [REARED]
Aphantopus hyperantus
Photo © Pete Eeles
Meadow Brown pupa. 29/6/2014. High and Over, Seaford, East Sussex.
Meadow Brown
Maniola jurtina
Photo © badgerbob
Gatekeeper - pupa - Unknown location - Unknown date [REARED] [Brian Clegg]
Pyronia tithonus
Photo © Brian Clegg
Marbled White - pupa - Thatcham - 22-Jun-06 (0348) [REARED]
Marbled White
Melanargia galathea
Photo © Pete Eeles
Grayling - pupa - Thatcham - 20-Jul-13 (2) [REARED]
Hipparchia semele
Photo © Pete Eeles
Pearl-bordered Fritillary - pupa - Hampshire - 22-Apr-12
Pearl-bordered Fritillary
Boloria euphrosyne
Photo © Pete Eeles
Small Pearl-Bordered Fritillary - pupa - Thatcham - 29-Apr-07 (1) {REARED}
Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary
Boloria selene
Photo © Pete Eeles
Queen of Spain Fritillary - pupa - Thatcham - 14-Oct-06 (0787) [REARED]
Queen of Spain Fritillary
Issoria lathonia
Photo © Pete Eeles
Silver-Washed Fritillary - pupa - Thatcham - 26-May-04 (3) [REARED]
Silver-washed Fritillary
Argynnis paphia
Photo © Pete Eeles
Dark Green Fritillary - pupa - Thatcham - 09-Jun-06 (0234) [REARED]
Dark Green Fritillary
Argynnis aglaja
Photo © Pete Eeles
High Brown Fritillary - pupa - Thatcham - 09-Jun-12 (2) [REARED]
High Brown Fritillary
Argynnis adippe
Photo © Pete Eeles
White Admiral - pupa - Thatcham - 30-May-09 (1) {REARED}
White Admiral
Limenitis camilla
Photo © Pete Eeles
Purple Emperor - pupa - Thatcham - 07-Jun-14 [REARED]
Purple Emperor
Apatura iris
Photo © Pete Eeles
Red Admiral Pupa (reared) - Caterham, Surrey 4-July-11
Red Admiral
Vanessa atalanta
Photo © Vince Massimo
Painted Lady Pupa (Dark Form), Caterham, Surrey 12-July-09
Painted Lady
Vanessa cardui
Photo © Vince Massimo
American Painted Lady pupa - Lincoln, Nabraska, USA 19-June-2012 [Nicky Davis]
American Painted Lady
Vanessa virginiensis
Photo © Nicky Davis
Peacock pupa (pale form) - Caterham, Surrey 25-July-2012
Aglais io
Photo © Vince Massimo
Small Tortoiseshell pupa - Caterham, Surrey 16-June-2013
Small Tortoiseshell
Aglais urticae
Photo © Vince Massimo
Camberwell Beauty - pupa - Thatcham - 04-Sep-07 (1189)
Camberwell Beauty
Nymphalis antiopa
Photo © Pete Eeles
Large Tortoiseshell - pupa - Thatcham - 07-Jun-14 [REARED]
Large Tortoiseshell
Nymphalis polychloros
Photo © Pete Eeles
Scarce Tortoiseshell
Nymphalis xanthomelas
Comma pupa (lateral view) - Caterham, Surrey 29-Sept-2012
Polygonia c-album
Photo © Vince Massimo
Marsh Fritillary - pupa - Thatcham - 31-May-04 [REARED]
Marsh Fritillary
Euphydryas aurinia
Photo © Pete Eeles
Glanville Fritillary - pupa - Thatcham - 30-May-05 [REARED]
Glanville Fritillary
Melitaea cinxia
Photo © Pete Eeles
Heath Fritillary - pupa - Thatcham - 20-May-04 [REARED]
Heath Fritillary
Melitaea athalia
Photo © Pete Eeles

Family: Riodinidae

Duke of Burgundy - pupa - Thatcham - 19-Jul-09 (1) {REARED}
Duke of Burgundy
Hamearis lucina
Photo © Pete Eeles

Family: Lycaenidae

Small Copper - pupa - Stockbridge Down - 14-Jul-99 [REARED] [Tim Norriss]
Small Copper
Lycaena phlaeas
Photo © Tim Norriss
Large Copper - pupa - Thatcham - 11-Jun-08 (1) {REARED}
Large Copper
Lycaena dispar
Photo © Pete Eeles
Brown Hairstreak Pupa (Reared) Caterham, Surrey 15-June-11
Brown Hairstreak
Thecla betulae
Photo © Vince Massimo
Purple Hairstreak pupa (reared) Henfield, Sussex 1-June-12 [Richard Roebuck]
Purple Hairstreak
Favonius quercus
Photo © Richard Roebuck
Green Hairstreak - pupa - Thatcham - 09-Jul-14 [REARED]-2
Green Hairstreak
Callophrys rubi
Photo © Pete Eeles
White-letter Hairstreak - pupa - Thatcham - 02-May-14 [REARED]
White-letter Hairstreak
Satyrium w-album
Photo © Pete Eeles
Black Hairstreak - pupa - Thatcham - 21-Jun-13 (5) [REARED]
Black Hairstreak
Satyrium pruni
Photo © Pete Eeles
Long-tailed Blue pupa (5 days old) - reared Sussex 5-Sept-2013
Long-tailed Blue
Lampides boeticus
Photo © Mark Colvin
Small Blue
Cupido minimus
Short-Tailed Blue - pupa - Thatcham - 11-Jul-10 (1) [REARED]
Short-tailed Blue
Cupido argiades
Photo © Pete Eeles
Holly Blue pupa - Reared from wild egg - Stafford 16.06 14
Holly Blue
Celastrina argiolus
Photo © Tony Moore
arion pupae  in nest [Marcin Sielezniew]
Large Blue
Maculinea arion
Photo © Marcin Sielezniew
Silver-studded Blue - pupa - Thatcham - 20-May-14 [REARED]-3
Silver-studded Blue
Plebejus argus
Photo © Pete Eeles
Brown Argus - pupa - Thatcham - 06-Jul-14 [REARED]-7
Brown Argus
Aricia agestis
Photo © Pete Eeles
Northern Brown Argus - pupa - Perthshire - 02-Apr-05 [REARED] [Graham Smith]
Northern Brown Argus
Aricia artaxerxes
Photo © Graham Smith
Mazarine Blue
Cyaniris semiargus
Common Blue Pupa (6 days before hatching) - Caterham, Surrey 8-June-12
Common Blue
Polyommatus icarus
Photo © Vince Massimo
Adonis Blue - pupa - Thatcham - 06-Oct-04 [REARED]
Adonis Blue
Polyommatus bellargus
Photo © Pete Eeles
Chalkhill Blue - pupa - Thatcham - 04-Aug-13 (1) [REARED]
Chalk Hill Blue
Polyommatus coridon
Photo © Pete Eeles

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