Species Chart

This page contains a listing of all primary species found in the UK. The species are organised by the family to which they belong.

Family: Lycaenidae

Small Copper Pupa - Somerset - 19/04/15

Small Copper
Lycaena phlaeas
Photo © William

Large Copper - pupa - Thatcham - 11-Jun-08 (1) {REARED}

Large Copper
Lycaena dispar
Photo © Pete Eeles

Brown Hairstreak Pupa (Reared) Caterham, Surrey 15-June-11

Brown Hairstreak
Thecla betulae
Photo © Vince Massimo

Purple Hairstreak pupa (reared) Henfield, Sussex 1-June-12 [Richard Roebuck]

Purple Hairstreak
Favonius quercus
Photo © Richard Roebuck

Green Hairstreak - pupa - Thatcham - 09-Jul-14 [REARED]-2

Green Hairstreak
Callophrys rubi
Photo © Pete Eeles

White-letter Hairstreak - pupa - Thatcham - 02-May-14 [REARED]

White-letter Hairstreak
Satyrium w-album
Photo © Pete Eeles

Black Hairstreak - pupa - Thatcham - 21-Jun-13 (5) [REARED]

Black Hairstreak
Satyrium pruni
Photo © Pete Eeles

Long-tailed Blue pupa (5 days old) - reared Sussex 5-Sept-2013

Long-tailed Blue
Lampides boeticus
Photo © Mark Colvin

Cupido minimus - Pupa [Wolfgang Wagner]

Small Blue
Cupido minimus
Photo © Wolfgang Wagner

Short-Tailed Blue - pupa - Thatcham - 11-Jul-10 (1) [REARED]

Short-tailed Blue
Cupido argiades
Photo © Pete Eeles

Holly Blue - pupa - Thatcham - 28-Oct-15 [REARED]

Holly Blue
Celastrina argiolus
Photo © Pete Eeles

arion pupae  in nest [Marcin Sielezniew]

Large Blue
Maculinea arion
Photo © Marcin Sielezniew

Silver-studded Blue - pupa - Thatcham - 20-May-14 [REARED]-3

Silver-studded Blue
Plebejus argus
Photo © Pete Eeles

Brown Argus - pupa - Thatcham - 21-Jul-17 [REARED]-2

Brown Argus
Aricia agestis
Photo © Pete Eeles

Aricia artaxerxes - Pupa (e.o. Nockalmberge 2009) [Wolfgang Wagner]

Northern Brown Argus
Aricia artaxerxes
Photo © Wolfgang Wagner

Cyaniris semiargus - Pupa [Wolfgang Wagner]

Mazarine Blue
Cyaniris semiargus
Photo © Wolfgang Wagner

Common Blue Pupa (6 days before hatching) - Caterham, Surrey 8-June-12

Common Blue
Polyommatus icarus
Photo © Vince Massimo

Adonis Blue - pupa - 30-Jul-17 - Thatcham [REARED]

Adonis Blue
Polyommatus bellargus
Photo © Pete Eeles

Chalkhill Blue - pupa - Thatcham - 04-Aug-13 (1) [REARED]

Chalk Hill Blue
Polyommatus coridon
Photo © Pete Eeles