Species Chart

This page contains a listing of all primary species found in the UK. The species are organised by the family to which they belong.

Family: Hesperiidae

Dingy Skipper - ovum - Greenham Common - 16-May-16

Dingy Skipper
Erynnis tages
Photo © Pete Eeles

Grizzled Skipper Egg -The  Gallops, Friston Forest, Sussex 11-June-2016

Grizzled Skipper
Pyrgus malvae
Photo © Gary.N

Heteropterus morpheus - Ovum (Ticino, early July 2008) [Wolfgang Wagner]

Large Chequered Skipper
Heteropterus morpheus
Photo © Wolfgang Wagner

Chequered Skipper - ovum - Glasdrum Wood - 13-Jun-14-14

Chequered Skipper
Carterocephalus palaemon
Photo © Pete Eeles

Essex Skipper - ovum - Thatcham - 29-Jul-17

Essex Skipper
Thymelicus lineola
Photo © Pete Eeles

Small Skipper - ovum - Stockbridge Down - 27-Jul-16-2

Small Skipper
Thymelicus sylvestris
Photo © Pete Eeles

Lulworth Skipper - ovum - Binden Hill - 25-Jul-16-2

Lulworth Skipper
Thymelicus acteon
Photo © Pete Eeles

Silver-spotted Skipper ovum Aston Rownant 8-Sept-2013

Silver-spotted Skipper
Hesperia comma
Photo © Tony Moore

Large Skipper - ovum - Thatcham - 21-Jul-17 [REARED]-4

Large Skipper
Ochlodes sylvanus
Photo © Pete Eeles