Sites for National Grid Square: SU

The map below shows sites for this grid square, each represented by a pin that, when clicked, will show the species at that site. The Grid References provided in the table below the map can be used on Ordnance Survey maps, or on a website such as This is currently more accurate than the Google Map rendering you see below (which is up to 200 metres out).

The Grid Square represented by this map is often divided into squares of 10 kilometres each, numbered 0 to 9 from the south west corner, in both an easterly and northerly direction. This allows a Grid Reference such as SU32 to be specified (where SU is the National Grid Square, 3 is the easting and 2 the northing). Further division gives a more detailed reference, such as SU317201 (where SU is the National Grid Square, 317 is the easting and 201 is the northing).


Distribution data (2000-2009) has been made available through the generosity of Butterfly Conservation. Any subspecies distribution is taken from the book British and Irish Butterflies, by Adrian Riley. Based on this data, the following species and subspecies may be found in this grid square:

Species selection:

In the table below, the icon links to a Google search based on the site name, and the and icons (where present) link, respectively, to Google Maps and Streetmap representations of the grid reference.

Site Name Grid Reference Species Subtaxon
Alice Holt Forest SU810420    
Ashampstead Common SU58007510    
Aston Rowant NNR SU730966    
Aston Upthorpe Downs SU550844    
Avon Heath Country Park SU120030    
Backside Common SU95765024    
Bagmoor Common SU926423    
Beacon Hill SU605225    
Bentley Station Meadow SU794429    
Bentley Wood SU259292    
Binsted Wood SU996070    
Blackmoor Copse SU233292    
Botley Wood SU544102    
Bowdown Woods SU508652    
Brentmoor Heath SU938613    
Brickfields Country Park SU866495    
Broughton Down SU292329    
Broxhead Common SU807370    
Bunny Lane - Romsey SU352243    
Butser Hill SU717203    
Buttler's Hangings SU818962    
Calstone Coombes SU04206850    
Carpenters Down Wood SU644553    
Castle Bottom NNR SU795597    
Chapel Common SU820287    
Chawridge Bank SU894738    
Chobham Common SU965649    
Church Wood SU973873    
Cockey Down SU173320    
Coombe Bisset Down SU111256    
Crab Wood SU438298    
Dean Hill (West) SU226259    
Decoy Heath SU613633    
Denny Wood SU33500650    
Ebernoe Common and Butcherland SU976278    
Edgbarrow Woods SU837632    
Farley Mount Country Park SU41472926    
Forest Hanger Stansted Park SU76141115    
Garston Wood SU002191    
Gentles Copse SU83833536    
Godshill SU184150    
Greenham Common SU493647    
Grovely Wood SU015350    
Hartslock SU616795    
Havant Thicket SU74311068    
Hawkhill Inclosure SU35040185    
Hazeley Heath SU755579    
Heyshott Escarpment SU899168    
Holtspur Valley Reserves SU919905    
Homefield Wood SU814867    
Hookheath Meadows SU647078    
Hyde SU16118909    
Iping Common SU852220    
Larden Chase SU589811    
Levin Down SU885133    
Ludshott Common SU861355    
Magdalen Hill Down SU505292    
Maidenhead Thicket SU858809    
Martin Down SU050187    
Mayford Pond SU99285625    
Middleton Down SU047238    
Midgham Lakes SU568663    
Millenium Arboretum SU79257013    
Moor Copse SU637740    
Moors Valley Country Park SU107056    
Morgan's Hill SU028672    
Morgaston Wood SU63335684    
New Copse Inclosure SU32800300    
Noar Hill SU745315    
Oaken Wood SU995338    
Old Down, Basingstoke SU59574889    
Old Winchester Hill SU644207    
Pamber Forest SU616607    
Park Wood SU823987    
Peartree Common SU440119    
Pewsey Down SU115635    
Pignal Inclosure SU316041    
Pondhead Inclosure SU30800700    
Prestwood Picnic Site SU866991    
Rewell Wood SU983082    
Seven Barrows SU329828    
Shipton Bellinger SU22384567    
Shutts Copse SU638262    
Silchester Common SU619620    
Slop Bog SU08000200    
Somerford Common SU028867    
St Catherine's Hill SU484276    
Standing Hat SU31500370    
Stockbridge Down SU378348    
Stoke Common Meadows SU065904    
Stony Green Hill SU86609910    
Swyncombe Down SU67809150    
The Firs SU047865    
The Trundle SU878110    
Thundery Meadow SU898440    
Thursley SU900399    
Viking Field/LesleySears SU80186722    
Warburg Reserve SU720878    
Watlington Hill SU703935    
Whiteley Pastures SU536098    
Wildmoor Heath SU838631    
Yateley Common SU822597    
Yew Hill SU455265    
Yoesden Bank SU789980