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Re: Gary.N

Postby Gary.N » Mon Nov 20, 2017 8:08 pm

Thankyou Trevor,
It was also good to see you at the AGM on Saturday. Hope to see you in the spring at Abbot’s or Rowlands.

Thankyou Pete,
It was also nice to meet you in person at last and hopefully I’ll have more observations next time we meet. There’s too little information out there about the Pearls. (one of the better pictures of us by the way, thankyou)

Thankyou Wurzel,
The shots of the Reds were a nice end to the season. Hadn’t seen much elsewhere but there were 7 Reds in the garden. A very good end.

Thankyou Bugboy.

Thankyou David.

Thankyou Andrew,
We may have spoken on the Heath. I am up there most weekends during the summer. And not a better place to be. Well may be Abbot’s or Rowlands in late May and August.

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