Favourite Photos of 2016

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Favourite Photos of 2016

Postby Wurzel » Mon Oct 03, 2016 8:57 pm

Favourite Photo of 2016

I've been asked to run the “Favourite Photo” series again this year so this is just to let you know that it all kicks off next weekend, on Sunday 9th October – 3 species a week in alphabetical order growing over 20 weeks (seeing us through the winter) and culminating in a new section entitled 'vagrants' and the grand finale of your personal favourite photo of 2015.

This is the chance for one and all to showcase their favourite photos of the various species found on our glorious Isles from over the last year. Please could I ask that everyone waits until a topic has been opened by me for a particular species before posting photos - this isn't some control freaky thing but just makes the process run more smoothly? Of course our overseas members are very welcome to fill in the obvious gaps relating to rare UK migrants. As like last year details of locations, dates, times and circumstances would be welcome as would any accompanying stories and anecdotes or other observations of behaviour and interesting other points.

Most of all I hope you enjoy looking back over the year :D

Have a goodun


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Re: Favourite Photos of 2016

Postby millerd » Mon Oct 03, 2016 10:14 pm

Thanks for doing this again, Wurzel. That's your Sunday evenings sorted for the winter! :)


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Re: Favourite Photos of 2016

Postby Chris Jackson » Tue Oct 04, 2016 7:22 am

So Favourite Photo time has come round again already ?
Amazing how the time passes. It brightens up the Autumn / Winter a bit and is also a sort of count-down to the start of next year's season.
I'm ready for the kick-off, Wurzel.
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Re: Favourite Photos of 2016

Postby Goldie M » Tue Oct 04, 2016 9:24 am

Looking forward to it Wurzel it certainly helps seeing butterfly shots through the Winter months. Goldie :D

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Re: Favourite Photos of 2016

Postby celery » Wed Oct 05, 2016 4:53 pm

Thanks Wurzel :)

It's nice to know that these threads I started back in 2011 have become a yearly feature here at UKB.
Though I no longer have time to be a regular contributor on the site I'll still pop up with a few additions where I'm able.

I see you have initiated a new section ('migrants') this year and I wonder if it would be good to include a few more categories to give the thing a bit of a shot in the arm and encourage more posting. I can certainly think of a few additions and perhaps if you could think of around 20 you could include one each week alongside the alphabetical species listings.

Some ideas: (Favourite Photo) taken in your garden / taken at a BC Reserve / taken with a phone / compact / bridge / DSLR / taken abroad / mating / behaviour / food plant / immature stage / in flight / aberrant form / 2 or more in shot / close-up scales / in landscape context /moth / dragonfly / bee / beetle / other insect / reptile / amphibian / bird / mammal / wildflower etc. etc. Please feel free to add any of your own.

If these suggestions seem like utter nonsense to you, or are too problematic to implement then feel free to disregard them. If they seem OK but are too much of a hassle for you to include than perhaps another regular contributor could be found to open and regulate the extra threads.

All the best,
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