Deprecation of Blogs

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Deprecation of Blogs

Postby Pete Eeles » Mon Jul 25, 2011 6:01 pm

In March 2010, a new forum (Personal Diaries) was created to replace the Blog capability in the forums, since the membership agreed that this would be a much better mechanism for members to keep a record of the own, personal, dairy. Until July 2011, the Personal Diaries and Blog mechanism sat side by side. However, this was very confusing, especially for new members. Therefore, it has been decided to deprecate the Blog mechanism which will be maintained (no entries will be lost) but not enhanced or promoted. All members using the Blog mechanism are therefore encouraged to move to the Personal Diaries mechanism at:


... instructions for which are at


It is recommended that members create an initial post in their Personal Diary along the lines of:

"This diary is a continuation of my original blog which can be found at: blog.php?u=3"

Each member must change the "3" in the above link to their user ID. This number can be found by clicking on the "Members" link in the forums. Find your username and click on it. The associated URL will be of the form:


... and the last number is your user ID.


- Pete

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