Resistant elm tree project

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Resistant elm tree project

Postby selbypaul » Sun Jan 01, 2017 9:15 pm

Hi everyone
As a side project to my work to save a threatened elm tree and White Letter Hairstreak colony in Sheffield, I'm working with one of the UKs leading Dutch Elm Disease resistant elm tree experts. We are looking to establish a "northern" plantation of resistant elms in Sheffield. He has already set up a couple of colony's down south, but its important to have plantations in different soil types and climatic conditions, so as to establish which genotypes do best in which conditions.

If successful, it should lead to elm trees once again being planted in the wider UK countryside, and hopefully, may lead to the White Letter Hairstreak having more habitat for it's population to grow.

I'm crowdfunding for £500 to pay for the minor expenses we'll incur in setting up the colony. Any donations would be very kindly welcomed!

More details at the below weblink ... =marketing

Thanks in advance
Paul Selby

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