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My ramblings: Late June

by Dave McCormick

Not much to do for a while since most of my mates are on holiday and won't see them for a while :( Anyway, gave me the chance to really look at whats in my area. Could someone help ID these moths?

As you might see, my "smaller creature" photography as got better. Usually smaller moths I would get wings and body clear and head blur and vice versa. Now I know what I am doing.

These where taken in different areas of Mountstewart.

Moth 1:


Moth 2:


Painted lady (Seen neumerous latley, feeding on red valerian on old farm wall):


Mating Meadow Brown (Auto Flash was on):


Peacock Caterpillars (went out and saw around 1000 or so all over a large nettle patch:


What a few days its been. Also saw 20 or so Large Yellow Underwings and Couple of Ringlets and a Small Magpie moth and a few Green Carpet Moths too. And few Large Whites and a clouded border male and a unconfirmed Redd-Tipped Clearwing I need to investigate soon.
Cheers all,
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