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Fritillary ID Picos de Europa
Posted by: Paul Wetton
16-Aug-17 05:50 PM GMT

Notes and Views - August 2017
Posted by: Vince Massimo
16-Aug-17 11:30 AM GMT

Armenia Grizzled Skippers please
Posted by: Padfield
16-Aug-17 09:58 AM GMT

French Alps, 27th June - 15th July 2017
Posted by: essexbuzzard
15-Aug-17 09:27 PM GMT

New species for Scotland as the White Letter Hairstreak is finally revealed
Posted by: Kip
15-Aug-17 10:25 AM GMT

Copper species Corfu
Posted by: NickMorgan
14-Aug-17 10:46 PM GMT

Larva id please
Posted by: peterc
14-Aug-17 03:47 PM GMT

August 2017
Posted by: BeeHappyFlutterBy
13-Aug-17 10:46 PM GMT

Another sad case - is this on the rise?
Posted by: Chris Speke
13-Aug-17 05:04 PM GMT

Espers or not Espers, that is the question!!!
Posted by: Medard
12-Aug-17 08:01 AM GMT
Jack Harrison
Posted by: MikeOxon
16-Aug-17 05:33 PM GMT

Posted by: bugboy
16-Aug-17 03:03 PM GMT

Posted by: PhilBWright
16-Aug-17 10:04 AM GMT

Bugboys mission
Posted by: Wurzel
16-Aug-17 08:28 AM GMT

Andy Brown
Posted by: Wurzel
16-Aug-17 08:24 AM GMT

essex buzzard
Posted by: Wurzel
16-Aug-17 08:22 AM GMT

Neil Freeman
Posted by: Wurzel
16-Aug-17 08:18 AM GMT

Goldie M
Posted by: Wurzel
16-Aug-17 08:06 AM GMT

Posted by: trevor
15-Aug-17 11:04 PM GMT

Posted by: trevor
15-Aug-17 10:54 PM GMT
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Small Copper ab. - Dungeness, Kent 6-Aug-2017
© Hoggers
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Small Copper ab. - Dungeness, Kent 6-Aug-2017
© Hoggers
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Small Copper larva - Hampshire 30-Oct-2016
© andy brown
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Large White (f) Burgess Hill West Sussex 12/08/17
© Lotus28
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Large White larva - Hampshire 14-Aug-2017
© andy brown
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Brown Hairstreak

Purple Emperor

White-letter Hairstreak

Cryptic Wood White

Speckled Wood