Black-veined White Aberrations

Due to the sheer number of named aberrations for some species, not all are shown on the species pages - only those for which corresponding images are available. This page, however, provides access to all of the named aberrations for a given species, where known and Goodson & Read (1969) is a key resource in this regard.



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ab. absurda (Bryk.Ent.Z.1928.42.p.50.)

The veins absent so consequently the marginal triangles are missing. The whole marging indistinctly brown, the median cell bar weakly indicated, the interneural folds of the hindwings faintly blackened and the margin suffused with blackish.

ab. alepica (Cosmovici.Le Nat.1892.p.254.)

The wings with no scales, giving a greyish transparent appearance.

ab. atricolor (Bang-Hass.Horae.Macrolep.1927.1.p.106.)

Uniformly deep black on upper and underside.

ab. basanius (Fruhstorfer.Soc.Ent.1910.25.p.50.)

The ends of the veins without dark triangles at the margins, the female pure white without the transparent middle field. Lempke classes this form as an aberration, not a subspecies.

ab. flava (Tutt.Brit.Butts.1896.p.227.)

= infraochreata Verity.Ent.Rec.1919.31.p.88.

Underside of the female quite yellow. Verity’s form had the underside ochreous.

ab. koyi (Aigner.Rov.Lapok.1905.12.p.13.,see.Ent.Z.19.p.208.)

Aigner’s first description is most brief, merely ‘melanic form’ but in Ent.X.19.p.17 he gives a figure reference - Illust.Z.fur.Ent.1898.3.p.359. The figure on this page shows the wings smoky black with a paler area in the disc of the forewing and this is the specimen he named.

ab. lunulata (Tutt.Brit.Butts.1896.p.226.)

Hindwings showing a well-marked discoidal lunule. Normally there is only a vein of the same thickness as the other veins.

ab. marginata (Tutt.Brit.Butts.1896.p.226.)

Hindwings with a distinct marginal band of black scales reminding one a little of Colias croceus [Clouded Yellow]. An extreme suffusa form.

ab. meinhardi (Krulikowsky.Rev.Russe.Ent.(1908)1909.8.p.270.)

Underside of the hindwings showing a yellow macule in the costal margin. This is presumably at the base.

ab. melana (Tutt.Brit.Butts.1896.p.227.)

The underside of the hindwings strongly dusted with black scales along and between the veins.

ab. minor (Verity.Rhop.Pal.1907.p.119.)

= minima Cabeau.Rev.Mens.Soc.Ent.Nam.1925.25.p.5.

Very small examples.

ab. nonconspersa (Lempke.Tijdschr.Ent.1953.96.p.283.)

On the upperside of the forewings the dark suffusion along the discocellular vein fails completely. All other margins normal.

ab. shuljuzkoi (Bryk.Soc.Ent.1912.27.p.82.)

On both fore and hindwings the end of the cell is marked with a well-defined patch of dark scales. These scales form an oblong mark along the bars closing the cells but are much heavier than the discoidal spot such as is seen in ab. lunulata Tutt.

ab. sordida (

Hindwings with thickly dusted black scales in the discoidal area, spreading towards the margin in the interneural spaces.

ab. suffusa (Tutt.Brit.Butts.1896.p.226.)

The veins coarser and ending in triangular patches at their marginal ends, sometimes almost forming a blackish marginal band.